The 5 Tips For A Closing That Will Impress Your Clients

1. Knowledge Is Power

Feeling in control goes a long way in making the entire process more enjoyable.
The more your buyers understand upfront, the more confident they feel throughout the process.

MBH offers the MBH Home Buyers Guide for Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia in English and Spanish, digitally and in the printed copy. The guide ensures that all of the information that is needed…from thinking about buying a home to getting the keys at the closing table…is all available in one place.

2. Make The Contract Easy To Understand Before It’s Time To Sign 

Any contract can be daunting, ensuring that your buyers are familiar with the Residential Real Estate Contract before they have to sign it.

The MBH Home Buyer Guide includes a copy of the contract and a line-by-line explanation of the meaning and purpose of every section. 

3. Show Them The Road Home

The Closing Process is a big “unknown” for most home buyers. Helping them understand what happens after they sign the contract will go a long way in ensuring they feel confident that the process is working for them!

MBH provides, The Road Home, a visual summary of the steps your buyers will take to finish the lending process, title, and settlement

4. Answer Questions 24/7 Without a Text, Call, or Email

Closing on a home can be a stressful time. Your clients want answers when they need them. Unfortunately, being available 24/7 is not always an option. It’s important to have a way that they can get the info that they need when they need it.

MBH provides 24/7 access to the information that our clients need.

5. Have Checklists For Everything  

Having easy-to-understand checklists, available 24/7 before they need the info helps them be prepared, not panic.

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